Detailed Information about our Bespoke Digital Memory Boxes

After you, your family and friends, have uploaded your images and media to our website, we:​​

  • We decide on the best order for your photos by matching them to the music, unless you specify otherwise. 


  • The photos are presented along with your choice of song.


  • The song will fade out to exactly match the length of the photos.

  • Each photo will be strategically placed to match the words of the music

  • The photos will be digitally clipped and zoomed in to the relevant areas of the photo ie the Birthday girl. This creates a lovely movement on each of the photographs

  • There will be an introduction and end section, which we can create with the information you have emailed us or you can let us know your requirements.  

  • We will show you a Preview, before you make payment. We will then electronically send you your Digital Memory Box, unless you have requested a Gift